Sunday, January 4, 2009

Diet Pills - Read This Before Buying Another Diet Pill

Diet Pills - Read This Before Buying Another Diet Pill
By Abayomi Kingsley Aje

Why is it that many of us run after non-existence "magic pill"? This does not apply to weight loss alone but every other human medical problems such as headache, heart burn, cough, cold, diabetes, cancer and many more! It is no different when the topic of weight loss comes up either. But the question to ask is, IF IT TRUE THAT MAGIC PILLS EXIST? Or is it that the makers and producers of this products deceiving us into buying their products in order to make a living out of us?

But come to think of it, if there were to be anything as magic weight loss pill that would help every one of us solve our weight loss possible while still indulging in our bad eating habits and no exercise lifestyle, would any one of us have any weight loss issue(s) to deal with? Won't every one of us find it easy to lose weight in no time? Don't you think the word "obesity" and "weight loss" be deleted from the dictionary?

The only truth is that there is no such thing as magic pill or even weight loss pill; there has never been such thing and I am sure there will never be any thing as such in the nearest forseeable future. It is definitely impossible to be thin and acquire the "nice shape" we seek while still eating all the fatty and junky foods, just as it is not possible to get drenched in rain day after day and not catch a cold on one night!

You are not only wasting your hard earned money buying any of these silly weight loss pills but you are also putting your healthy at risk by using them. Many of this so called weight loss pills contain ephedra which is a banned substance.

Ephedra is known to cause a serious health problem and that's why it has been banned in the USA. Not only that, you also feel bad and frustrated after wasting money and effort on these pills. You feel as though weight loss is not possible, that the whole weight loss industry is a scam. It endangers your confidence and help you give up easily.

So what is the solution to this problem? I would advice you first forget about achieving quick weight loss. In fact delete it from your memory as it is almost impossible.

There is no formular that can give you quick weight loss. Though there are some of them but they are only on short term basis. The best bet to weight loss is through the tested and trusted diet and exercise formular. Note, by Diet I mean healthy eating and not starvation.

Exercise, I know you it is very difficult to exercise and you probably hate that world but take note that if you can not exercise then you can not lose weight within the shortest possible time!

If you think that herbal supplements are okay, think again! Many of the herbal supplements are not always 100% safe and natural as they claim to be! Before taking any supplement, it is always a good idea to consult with your doctor.

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